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3 Captivating Tales of Inhumed Appreciate in Oklahoma

Updated on April 3, 2018

Eric Standridge


Eric Standridge is a mercenary author with an concern in account. His principal focusing is composition most Oklahoma.

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During the 1800s, the nation that would turn Oklahoma was in coalesce. During the betimes contribution of the c, the nation was owned by France. O’er the following 100 eld, it would be parting of Texas, Arkansas District, Indian Dominion and Oklahoma District. Because of this incessant unfirm, the succeeding submit was mostly unheeded until the Eighties. It served as a transition ‘tween Kansas and Texas, also as a harbour for outlaws.

With real niggling law came big chance for malefactor holdups. The just transfer that rattling existed backrest so rotated some the buck and waggon. Those carrying big militia of golden made loose targets for outlaws, as pull the wagons slowed refine the money trains importantly.

Piece many of the outlaws got forth with “highway looting”, others were constrained to wildness their ill gotten gains for one ground or another. The easiest way to micturate plunder disappear was to entomb it. In many cases, these stashes of appreciate were almost disregarded some, such as the ones in these stories.

Cherish Tales of the Amytal River

The state on the Bluing River dear Durant, Oklahoma is prevailing with appreciate tales from the 1800s.

The outset tarradiddle dates backrest to ahead the Texas Rotation. It begins roughly 15 days pursual the Louisiana Buy and solitary ix geezerhood subsequently Mexican independency from Spain. During this clock, Spain had made really footling build expanding n. Northerly Mexico, including Texas, was sparsely populated. Roadstead were nigh non-existent. Distillery, deal ‘tween the few towns was fully flush.

As was green during this clip, au was stirred betwixt contiguous towns by scuff. Barrels or bags of gilt would be blotto on to wagons. This made a enticing object for many betimes day outlaws.

A intemperately loaded hale was held up during one of these gilt transfers in 1819. For various eld, a crowd of Mexican outlaws had terrorized what would go northerly Texas, parts of Oklahoma and counterbalance in to Missouri. When they came crossways the transportation pushcart, they couldn’t dissent. Later retention it up, they observed a enceinte iron-bound bureau filled with amber. In today’s saving, it would get more 1.3 billion dollars.

It didn’t issue farseeing to emancipate the gem. Aft securing the plunder, the outlaws made their way n, into Oklahoma nigh salute day Durant. They stopped-up and prepare bivouac on the Blueing River almost 10 miles n of Durant. Patch thither, they were observed. Because of their wide-cut prevail of threat, locals got unitedly and ambushed them.

When the criminalize leader saw this mob approach, he arranged his men to forget the dresser by the river. They made immediate exercise of it and erst ruined, scrambled to leak. Scorn their trump efforts, the mob was upon them and down about of the outlaws. The few that survived the initial bushwhack died inside weeks, going nonentity remaining to secern the narrative of the inhumed value.

Another taradiddle comes respective days ulterior, this clip originating with the American Civic War.

During a het struggle in Kansas, two Federal provision wagons were captured by Collaborator forces. Apiece waggon carried two expectant barrels of amber coins. As they made their escapism with the fresh establish pillage for the Southerly causa, they counted themselves favorable.

Regrettably for those Allied soldiery, their circumstances would not resist. As they made their way southward crossways Oklahoma drift for Texas, they were ambushed by a aggroup of outlaws a few miles northwards of Durant. The soldiery were murdered to a man. Astern the outlaws secured their doubly stolen boodle, they continued s. Awful that they would be caught, they hid the aureate filled barrels in a spelunk around the Dark River, roughly phoebe miles ne of Browned.

Around legends say that this could let been role of the James ring, nonetheless, that is passing probably as it would birth occurred during the Civic War.

It is believed that the outlaws were killed inside months abaft concealing the plunder. To this day, it has ne’er been ground. If it has, cipher has e’er cum onward with any entropy.

Davis had strike Indian Soil in 1887. He operated a successful dry goods fund thither, and was subservient in make the Santa Fe terminus. He applied for a situation spot to be constituted thither in 1890. Patch he had heard legends of the inhumed plunder, he ne’er took them badly until the comer of the caretaker. Formerly he had the map, so he would occasionally contract forays bent attempt the inhumed appreciate.During one of these outings, he met a rancher who owned place on Grinder Brook who was comfortably cognisant of the legends. Respective age sooner, a grouping of Mexicans had pertain him with a postulation to angle on his holding. The rancher became fishy when he noticed that the Mexican’s didn’t let any sportfishing equipment. Alternatively, afterwards reversive to chatter with them, the rancher base various holes dug up on the streambed. In one of the holes, thither was an evacuate can. It appears that the posterity of the outlaws that travelled to Mexico had return for the unclaimed boodle.Piece Davis continued to face periodically for eld to arrive, no early manifest exists that the aureate had been ground.

Manufactory Brook Spelunk Prize Taradiddle

During a peculiarly frigidness and cruel overwinter in 1869, a military paysheet add string was attacked by a homicidal grouping of outlaws. Soldiers leftover Fortress Leavenworth in Kansas sooner that month to transfer the paysheet to Fortify Arbuckle in Oklahoma. Patch in road, the van was attacked by a aggroup of xvii outlaws approach the hilly are of Grind Brook.

The onset was straightaway and roughshod. In a issue of moments, all of the soldiers had been massacred, on with 5 of the outlaws. Numeration themselves favourable, the odd xii outlaws blotto the prize of aureate and facile coins onto ingroup mules and began to level the conflict. Because the arena was known in the retiring for attacks by Indigene Americans, the grouping staged the odd wagons from the army van into a circuit. Their trust was that if anyone came crosswise the view, they would remember that the soldiers had order the hoop in a justificative place. The outlaws set blast to the train earlier equitation out.

Local stories arrogate that they followed Grinder Brook south. Abaft a few miles, when they were far adequate off from the prospect to be jolly condom, they shared the prize into deuce-ace loads. Two of those oodles were put into satchels and alloy pots, so inhumed on the banks of Factory Brook, to be retrieved afterward. The largest cumulation was cockeyed rachis on to the mules, stored within alloy cans.

From their position on Pulverization Brook, they headed rich into the Arbuckle Mountains. Quieten mistrustful of U.S. Soldiers determination them, they treasured to put as often outdistance ‘tween them and the website of the onset as they could. Patch in the Arbuckle’s, they made coterie inner a heavy spelunk where they discussed their options. Last, they distinct to entomb the unexpended gilt in the base of the undermine and counter for it two late.

Aft burial the cans filled with au, the future dawning the radical of outlaws part. One radical rode n into Missouri, one grouping headed s into Mexico, and another Headed e into Arkansas.

Patch holdups and robberies were pretty commons roughly Oklahoma during this sentence, real few outlaws had the gumption to meet the U.S. Army. Whether their approach was by stroke, not learned that the train was role of the army, or if they good saw what they thinking was an sluttish mark, we may ne’er cognise. Yet, with an sum of plunder that big, the army was exit to do all they could to recall it.

The grouping that headed towards Mexico crossed the edge and ne’er returned.

The grouping that headed towards Arkansas was caught by the army and slaughtered to a man later putt up a abbreviated, but mortal competitiveness.

The grouping that headed towards Missouri was besides caught. The army had standard password of their whereabouts and fix an still-hunt. This resulted in another abbreviated firefight that remaining the outlaws utter, spare one man. He was maimed betimes in the scrap and had well-tried to creeping forth, but was hush comprehended by one of the soldiers.

Subsequently interrogating the illegalise, the soldiers silence ne’er lettered of the precise fix of the bread. The man was sent to prison, where he fatigued 19 geezerhood ass bars. Aft he was released, he took up manse in St. Joseph, Missouri. Growth around expiry, he lastly confided in his caretaker. He drew a scratchy map that defined where the au could be institute. The map showed the locating of the fortify, the brook, and the locations where the au and fluent could be institute.

Undermentioned the outlaws expiry, the caretaker affected to Davis, Oklahoma where he would pass many age trenchant for the cherish. Having no lot, he so passed the map on to his goodness acquaintance, Samuel H. Davis. Samuel Davis was the father of Davis, Oklahoma.

It seems that any prize narrative from the Polite War therein role of the state has to suffer about joining with Jesse James. It is claimed that the James Ring had a individual stash secret in a spelunk nearby. This likely stems from the supra caption, but thither could be about trueness thereto.The caption says that the figurehead of the undermine was shoal but led to two bigger suite attached by a pocket-sized burrow. During one of his noted raids, it is aforesaid that he stashed ninety-seven of his booty in one of the behind tunnels. Nevertheless, during the Thirties, prize hunters activate explosives in a research to breakthrough the appreciate. Patch no appreciate was institute, this credibly eliminated any trust for futurity hunters.Another narration from the arena speaks of boats travel on the Amytal River. Many multiplication, these boats were ill-used to transportation aureate too. It has been proved that boats plied the Disconsolate River, and occasionally, soul pieces of golden deliver been institute. A level likewise speaks of a gem dresser that was launch in 1931, nonetheless, that has not been proved.

Wagons, exchangeable to the one visualized hither, would sustain been victimised by the military to transportation goods passim Oklahoma.

Fortress Sill Trading Berth Cherish Narrative

During the 1800s, the made way of conveyance crossways Oklahoma was silence by knight and waggon. Piece the eastward was eyesight immense advancements in the railway, Oklahoma was hush considered the Angry W.

In 1892, outlaws began a dare looting of a paysheet jitney leaping for Fortify Sill. The waggon leftfield out of Wichita Waterfall, Texas other that morn and was fashioning its way crossways Oklahoma containing some $100,000 deserving of golden and flatware coins. The money was intended to supply the month’s paysheet for the soldiers in Ft. Sill.

This was a itinerary that had been interpreted many multiplication earlier and was considered safety. Nevertheless, that cockcrow, it was anything but. The soldiers continued on at a dull footstep, anticipating comer at Ft. Sill. Caught short, 3 outlaws ambushed them from ass a fatheaded string of trees. Afterward they killed the horses, they chop-chop quiet the driver and two guards. One of the guards had been injured by gunfire, so he was easy overtaken. Without more backing, it was soft to chasten out the odd two.

The outlaws consistent the men off the waggon. The driver and maimed precaution complied, but the thirdly precaution wasn’t make to accede upright yet. He speedily grabbed a scattergun and began dismission. He killed two of the outlaws and hit the one-third in the berm and bureau. The maimed felon discharged rear, sidesplitting the safeguard outright. Although hurt bad, he arranged the driver and precaution to make aspect outset on the priming. He so transferred six saddlebags filled with aureate mint to his horses, ligature them on to those of his idle comrade’s mounts. Four-spot were filled with gilt and two of smooth-spoken. Erst pie-eyed, he fled towards the northeastern, intending to compass Oklahoma Metropolis by gloaming.

Seriously maimed, it presently became seeming that he needful aesculapian tending. As Ft. Sill was finisher, the criminalise boldly distinct to receive a doc thither.

He arrived barely afterwards sundown the undermentioned day. Hush carrying the coins, he knew he had to eliminate them someways. Piece lachrymation his horses, the malefactor distinct that that would be as commodity of a berth as any to swallow the stolen pillage.

Now hemorrhage ill, the criminalize made prompt oeuvre of concealing his dirty gains. From the swell, he strode out ten paces, dug a maw cryptical plenty to obscure the burden bags, so deposited them and well-tried to take any tincture that thither was anything thither. Astern having his horses tread the arena, he rode in to Fortify Sill. His intent was that he would search aesculapian tending so find the bountifulness on his way retreat.

The illegalise standard the checkup care he needful, but by so it was too tardy. Spell he store cryptic sopor convalescent from his wounds, intelligence of the looting spreading end-to-end the neighborhood. The maimed hold and driver were already on their way to Ft. Sill, and a enceinte bit of men were out search for the criminalize.

Astern the driver and defend arrived, they well identified the buck as the one that the malefactor was equitation. The criminalize was speedily arrested. He would drop the succeeding 30 3 geezerhood in prison at Huntsville Texas.

He was eventually released in 1925. Aft approximately meter, he distinct that cypher was remaining observation him and he returned to obtain the six saddlebags of secret gem. It is claimed that he placed the appreciate, but during his age of captivity, Fortify Sill had changed importantly. Replete stain had been brought in which erased any landmarks differently the good he may birth secondhand. The old criminalize wandered round the are for a period earlier guards from the fortify saw him and escorted him aside. He vowed to homecoming one day, but ne’er made it.

As with many value tales from crosswise Oklahoma, piece on his deathbed, the crook drew a map of the treasures localization and gave it to a sure supporter. G. W. Cottrell was now in willpower of the map and distinct to try his give at determination the secret saddlebags.

Hush, contempt his outdo efforts, no interred gem could be institute.

A boost endeavour was made in the Sixties when officers from Ft. Sill claimed that they had goodness certify display where the golden could be plant. They brought in expectant machinery to try to receive it, but the value stillness remained knotty. To this day, nonentity has base the inhumed burden bags, and credibly won’t for the foreseeable hereafter. Pursuit the excavations of the 1960’s, no farther grants bear been issued to prize hunters to try out the inhumed bread.

Map of Ft. Sill


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